Student Employment

Student Employment

Division of the Humanities Graduate Student Employment Policy

Graduate students at the University are expected to devote full attention and effort to their graduate studies and may undertake employment only as an adjunct to their student status. As such, graduate students in the Division of the Humanities who are registered full-time may not work for the University more than twenty 20 hours per week, including teaching and research appointments, in accordance with the University student employment policy.

There are no limits on employment in the summer if the student is not registered in the Summer quarter.

International students in F-1 or J-1 status are limited by visa requirements to (20) hours/week of on-campus work during the Academic Year.

Fellowship terms that prohibit or limit employment to less that twenty hours/week supersede the Division’s employment policy.

Employment Hours By Position

Position Title Approved Hours
Per Week

Language Mentorship (formerly
Language Assistantship)

Lecturer 13
Preceptor 7
Studio Assistant - ARTH 4
Teaching Assistant - ARTV 11
Studio Assistant - MUSI 8
Course Assistant 11
Writing Intern 11
Writing Lector 9
Resident Head 20

Note that students who hold Resident Head (RH) positions cannot take on any teaching during the time of RH employment. 

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