Receiving Your Degree

Please note: this information is for graduate students in the Division of the Humanities. All other students should refer to the University Registrar or their respective school or program.

Once you have satisfied the requirements of your program and are ready to receive your degree, you should submit a degree application at MyUChicago. In the ‘My Information’ portlet look under 'Academics' and set your Expected Graduation Date to the current quarter to access the application. If you are a PhD student wanting to receive a non-terminal MA, do not change your Graduation Date but instead contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance. Degree applications are due by 5:00 PM (CST) on Friday of the first week of the quarter in which you would like to graduate.

PhD students must be registered in the quarter in which the PhD is awarded: this includes summer quarter. MA students (and PhD students receiving an MA) do not have to be registered in the quarter in which the degree is awarded.

Anyone who cannot access MyUChicago, including former PhD students wanting to apply for a degree after the twelve-year time limit, should contact the Dean of Students Office before the beginning of the quarter for assistance with applying.

International students receiving any terminal degree should inform the Office of International Affairs.

Degree applications are valid only for the quarter in which they are made. If you are unable to graduate by the end of that quarter, you will need to reapply. If you need to withdraw your degree application, contact the Dean of Students Office by 4:30 PM (CST) by Friday of the fifth week of the quarter. Applications withdrawn after this deadline will be subject to a $50 fee.

Financial Obligations

All financial obligations to the University must be settled by the end of the ninth week in which you wish to graduate (eighth week of summer quarter). If Thanksgiving occurs in the ninth week, the deadline is the day before Thanksgiving.

If you have Perkins or Stafford loans, you must complete a loan exit counseling session before graduating. If you do not complete this requirement, you will not have access to University transcript services, and library and other privileges will be restricted.

Special Deadline Notes

For MA and MFA candidates:

Final grades for courses from previous quarters must be submitted by the end of the ninth week of the quarter (eighth week in summer). Final or provisional grades for current quarter courses must be submitted by the end of the tenth week of the quarter (ninth week in summer). Not all departments allow provisional grades to enable students to graduate. Final grades cannot be lower than provisional grades. Be sure to contact your professors well in advance of these deadlines to confirm your grades will be entered. MA students with more than two incompletes should not apply to graduate.

For PhD candidates:

Your final dissertation with all revisions must be submitted by 4:30 PM on Friday of the seventh week of the quarter in which you wish to graduate (sixth week of summer quarter). Please consult the Dissertation Office to ensure you meet all dissertation deadlines.

Convocation Ceremony

The Division of the Humanities holds a Diploma and Hooding Ceremony in conjunction with the University-wide spring Convocation. At that event, diplomas are presented and doctoral candidates are hooded. There is no hooding ceremony in other quarters; doctoral graduates from the previous three quarters are invited to participate in the spring ceremony. Convocation schedules and other important information can be found at the Convocation website.

For graduates in the summer, autumn, and winter Convocations, graduates are honored at a Divisional event. Information on this event will be sent to each quarter’s graduates.

To make changes regarding your convocation attendance or to request a place on the waiting list for extra tickets (if available), contact the Dean of Students Office.


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