Leave of Absence and Withdrawal from the University

Leave of Absence and Withdrawal from the University

Leave of Absence for PhD Students
Students who wish to apply for a leave of absence must complete the Leave of Absence Request Form.  Students should also contact humdos@uchicago.edu and/or their department for questions/concerns. The University policy can be found in the Student Manual.

Leave of Absence for Master's Students
Students in master’s programs may interrupt their program of study and request to take a leave of absence for a maximum of one year (four quarters, not including summer). Students must complete the Leave of Absence Request Form. Leave of Absence status carries no tuition charges and confers no privileges such as registering for courses, accessing the libraries, borrowing money, deferring loans, access to health insurance or the Student Health and Counseling Service unless the student is on a medical or parental leave of absence.  Access to University e-mail accounts is maintained in Leave of Absence status. Students who do not return from the Leave of Absence in the quarter following the approved leave will be withdrawn from the program.  They must petition to resume studies, subject to the approval of the Director of the master’s program and the Dean of Students. The Division will not consider petitions more than five years beyond matriculation.
Withdrawal from the University
Humanities students who wish to withdraw should complete a Withdrawal Form, which they can obtain by emailing humdos@uchicago.edu. All withdrawals are assumed to be permanent. To resume study after such withdrawal requires reapplication to the degree program. Further information is available in the Student Manual.

Please Note: Humanities Division PhD Students who request a leave of absence or withdrawal for a specific quarter after they have already received their stipend for that quarter, may be required to return their stipend back to the university. The Associate Dean of Students will review these situations on an individual basis. If a student needs to return their stipend, the ADOS will work with the student on an appropriate repayment arrangement.

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