Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Opportunities

The Division of the Humanities at UChicago offers graduate students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, which can be critical for personal and professional development, through a myriad of activities and programming. While many departments have ways for students to get involved within their specific department, there are three main opportunities for students to become connected from a divisional standpoint.

Dean’s Student Advisory Board

This advisory committee serves as a voice for Humanities students to provide input and suggestions regarding policies and procedures within the Division directly to the Dean of the Division, Anne Walters Robertson. Meetings are held once per quarter typically in Weeks 4 or 5, and representatives are selected first by an application process and if needed, then requested by individual departments.

Applications for new 2022-2023 board members will be sent to all students later in the summer.

Dean’s Student Advisory Board 2021-2022
Doctoral Students

Lucien Sun, Art History
Kendra Sanders, Cinema & Media Studies
Laura Bevilacqua, Classics 
Misha McDaniel, English Language and Literature
Joe Haydt, Germanic Studies
Patrick Dittamo, Music
Samantha Suppes, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Darren Kusar, Romance Languages and Literatures
Sanjukta Poddar, South Asian Langues and Civilizations

Dean’s Student Advisory Board 2021-2022
MA/MFA Students

Jacob Murphy, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Joseph Solis, Digital Studies
Sophia Coyne-Kosnak, MAPH
Maria Kuran, MAPH
Qian Liu, MAPH 
Chan Lu, MAPH 
Miles MacClure, DoVA
Abigail Negley, MAPH
Toby Wu, MAPH 
Xuanlin Ye, MAPH 

Humanities Division Graduate Student Council

The Humanities Division Graduate Student Council (HDGSC) represents students in the Division of the Humanities, allocates funds provided by the Student Activity fee, and fosters intradepartmental, as well as interdepartmental and divisional, activities. Each department or committee in the Division of the Humanities will designate one representative to the HDGSC, and these representatives collectively form the HDGSC. The HDGSC will name officers to lead meetings, budgetary review, and communication.

2022-2023 representatives:

Catie Witt, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Vice President
Christian Borgen, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the representative student government for graduate students and focuses on building community across graduate divisions, helping students get the funding they need to further their academic and professional pursuits, and working with administrators to improve graduate student life. Additional information about the Graduate Council can be found here.

Academic Year Representatives:

Aimee Gonzalez, Music
Ney Grant, CMES
Sicheng Luo, MAPH
Charlotte Stender, MAPH