External Fellowships

External Fellowships

The Division of the Humanities considers support of our doctoral students essential to the success and timely completion of the degree. External fellowship awards help students with financial support, develop grant-writing skills, and enhance their curriculum vitae for the subsequent job search.  External awards, sponsored by either a public or private agency in a national competition, confer distinction on the student. 

We encourage doctoral students to apply for external funding. Students who receive a competitively awarded external fellowship should contact the Dean of Students office at humdos@uchicago.edu.  
The Associate Dean of Students will meet with students to determine the benefits of each option and consider the following factors: academic progress, teaching obligations, and financial implications. 

Students under the new funding model (matriculated after Summer 2016) who receive an external fellowship will receive a top-up to the minumum stipend should the external fellowship amount be below the minimum stipend + a bonus for receiving an external fellowship (note bonus is 30% of the minimum annual stipend). If the external fellowship award is below the bonus amount, the student just receives the external fellowship and receives a full stipend. If the external fellowship is above the minimum stipend amount, the student just receives the bonus. The Associate Dean of Students will discuss top-up and bonus options with all students once notified about an external fellowship award. 
Divisional Summer Stipends and External Summer Awards
Students who receive an external fellowship that is awarded explicitly for the summer term and who are eligible for a Division of the Humanities summer stipend may hold both awards concurrently. 
*Students who fail to report any outside funding are subject to the University's area disciplinary system.

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