Billing and Loans

Billing and Loans

Office of the Bursar

The Office of the Bursar administers student accounts for the University of Chicago. The Bursar also publishes the official University tuition and fee rates. It is important to note that the Bursar does not answer questions about individual student bills or financial aid. Humanities students should direct inquiries about tuition, fees, and University fellowship aid to

Graduate Financial Aid Office

The Graduate Financial Aid office processes student loans and federal work-study grants for students in the graduate and professional schools (except for medicine and business), conducts entrance and exit loan counseling for all students receiving federal student loans, and disburses loan funds to all students receiving federal student loans. Please direct questions regarding student loans and the federal work-study program to this office. The Bursar's office will generate a refund check when loan funds that are applied to your tuition account exceed your costs. Loan funds are first applied to your tuition account and any balance of funds is generally available for you to pick up from the Bursar's office by the end of the first week of classes.

Emergency Student Loans

Students who need emergency funding should contact the Graduate Financial Aid office. Emergencies are defined as:

  • Support for unplanned living expenses outside of the budgeted amount for the academic year
  • Unexpected Medical or Dental expenses
  • Short Term Travel

1) Access to Emergency Cash Funding

Emergency Cash Funding is for students who need immediate assistance for unexpected circumstances. The maximum a student may receive is $1,500. The Emergency Cash Funding is repaid through the Student Account and is subject to Student Account Maintenance Policies -

2) Access to Emergency Advance Loan Funding

In addition to the Emergency Cash Funding, students may be approved for and receive an emergency advance on future loans.  This funding option provides students with expedited access to approved loan funds to assist in unplanned, long-term financing issues. The amount of the emergency advance loan is dependent on the student's individual funding, but the maximum amount is $3,000.  Funds advanced to students are disbursed through the Student Account and is subject to Student Account Maintenance Policies -  Students will be informed by a Graduate Awarding Counselor of the disbursement timeline at the time the advance is approved.   


UChicagoGrad also provides information and support on the page Financial Management and Wellness

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