Stipend are distributed according to a student's citizenship status. All students are able and encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit. International students who do not sign up for direct deposit will have their physical check sent to the Dean of Students office, follwing the bi-weekly payroll schedule. Domestic students who do not sign up for direct deposit will receive a physical check in the mail. These checks will be mailed to the physical address listed in It is imperative that students make sure their address in is accurate to avoid lost checks.

Most stipends are distributed in three equal quarterly installments and are generally available for registered students on the first day of each quarter. 

Students picking up checks from the Dean of Students office must present a photo ID and sign for each stipend check. A student residing away from Chicago in any quarter should make arrangements with the Dean of Students office to have physical checks mailed or deposited on their behalf. Students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit. 

Newly admitted international students should expect a delay in their first quarter's stipend check and should bring sufficient personal funds to cover expenses in the meantime.

International students receiving stipends who will reside abroad in any quarter should inform the Dean of Students Office. Under the sourcing rules for scholarship and fellowship grants, a grant paid to or on behalf of an individual studying abroad is foreign source income regardless of the residency of the payer. The University has no withholding or reporting obligations related to this payment, but does have to account for these payments under a separate earnings code.

Stipend Taxes

Domestic student stipends are self-reported taxable income and no W-2 Form is issued. UChicagoGRAD offers an annual informational session on taxes and maintains a website with helpful financial management information.

International student stipends are taxed (currently at a rate of 14%). The tax is withheld before each check is issued. Students are required to fill out tax forms and provide appropriate visa documentation to the Dean of Students office. This tax paperwork is used by the University's Payroll office to determine whether a student qualifies for a tax treaty benefit, which may reduce this tax. International students living abroad and receiving a stipend in any quarter are required to inform the Dean of Students office in advance so that necessary adjustments to tax withholdings can be made before the stipend is issued. International student stipends are reported as earnings on Form 1042-S, which students should expect to receive by U.S. mail in early April. International students should check with the Office of International Affairs about tax software and workshops to assist them with filing U.S. federal income tax returns, as the University does not have a tax adviser to assist students.

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