Internal Fellowships

Internal Fellowships

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships
Application deadline

February 10, 2020

Hanna Holborn Gray Fellowship
Nomination deadline*


Humanities Division Dissertation Completion Fellowships
Nomination deadline*

April 2, 2020*

Dissertation Research Travel Awards
Application deadline

April 15, 2019

*These competitions require nomination by the department. Departments set earlier internal application deadlines in order to nominate. Please check with your department for more information.


Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships are for Ph.D. students in their first five years or two-year M.A. students in their second years who must study certain languages for their programs. In 2019-20, the University will be accepting applications for languages in three world areas: East Europe, Middle East, and East Asia. The FLAS program provides funding for study on campus during the academic year and on campus or elsewhere (domestic or abroad) during the summer.

Humanities CMES, MAPH TLO, LACS, and doctoral students who will register for qualifying language courses in the year of the fellowship are strongly encouraged to apply for an Academic Year FLAS. Students receiving no stipend in the fellowship year who are awarded a FLAS will receive a $15,000 stipend, tuition aid (amount dependent on their program), and student life fee coverage. Students receiving a stipend/teaching renumeration combination in the fellowship year will receive, in addition to their University of Chicago fellowship, a $3,000 stipend and student life fee coverage.

Summer award benefits for all students: $2,500 stipend and up to $5,000 in tuition for study off campus.

Applications & Additional Information: Available on the UChicagoGRAD website
Contact for Advising: Sarah Mehta, UChicagoGRAD (

Questions about FLAS funding for Humanities students should be directed here.

Humanities Division Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Division of the Humanities is able to award approximately 22 Dissertation Completion Fellowships to doctoral students who are sufficiently advanced in the writing of their dissertation that they are expected to complete the dissertation during the time they hold the award. These fellowships recognize the student’s academic achievement and enable the student to devote full attention and effort towards completing the dissertation.

Fellowships will be awarded for the academic year (autumn, winter, and spring quarters) and provide tuition, the required student life fee, University student health insurance (if elected), and a stipend.  The terms of the fellowship prohibit students from engaging in any remunerative activity during the period of the fellowship.  The sole exception to this prohibition is that, if permitted by the funding agency, fellows may undertake a modest teaching assignment in the spring 2021 quarter when it is clear from the fellow’s progress on the dissertation that teaching will not delay completion of the degree. 

Please Note: Students who hold a Dissertation Completion Fellowship in 2020-2021 must graduate by summer 2021. Students who do not defend, complete the dissertation, and graduate during the fellowship year will be withdrawn from their program at the end of the summer quarter.

Some fellowships may only be held by students up to and including the sixth year in their program; others may only be held by students up to and including the seventh year; the few other fellowships may be held by students up to and including the eighth year of their program.

The following terms and conditions apply for all dissertation completion fellowships:
1. Without exception, students must be admitted to candidacy before they can apply for these fellowships.
2. Pro forma registration status counts toward years in the program.
3. For DCF eligibility (only) quarters of leave of absence do not count toward years in the program.
4. Students who have held or currently hold any dissertation completion fellowship (whatever the title of the fellowship: dissertation write-up, completion, etc.) from any internal or external sources are not eligible for consideration.
5. Students pursuing a joint degree program should submit their application through the home department only.
6. Students must complete their dissertation and graduate by summer 2021 or be withdrawn.

Departmental Application Deadlines
A student’s home department must nominate them for this competition. Students must adhere to their departmental deadlines for application submission:

Art History – February 21
Cinema – March 2
Classics – March 2
Comp Lit – March 23
EALC – March 16
English – February 28
Germanics – March 15
Linguistics – March 16
Music – March 3
NELC – February 12
Philosophy – February 28
Romance – March 13
SALC – February 28

In the nomination memo, the chair (a) declares that the entire faculty of the department has nominated the student(s) and (b) declares that in the best estimation of the faculty of the department, the student is fully prepared to complete the dissertation and graduate by summer 2021. To bolster the latter point, the chair may include such supporting information as the student’s prior accomplishments, outside professional achievements, or other reasons to expect the student to complete within the time predicted. If a department nominates more than one student, the chair’s nomination memo must include a ranking of the candidates.

Application Materials
Each student must complete the online application via SLATE, which includes submitting the following documents:
1. The timeline for completion of dissertation writing and defense, with the student and the dissertation committee attesting to the feasibility of granting of the degree by summer 2021.
2. Statement of purpose (3-5 pages single-spaced), describing the dissertation project. The narrative statement should include a work plan. The statement should discuss the significance of this work within the student’s specific and general fields and the contribution this project will make to the field(s) with which it engages. Please remember that the fellowship review committee will include faculty members from across the Division and thus the candidate must explain terms and contexts that might not be familiar to those outside the field or subfield.
3. A curriculum vitae (C.V.).
4. A copy of one approved chapter of the nominee's dissertation for reference by the fellowship review committee.
5. Letters from two members of the student’s dissertation committee, attesting to the quality of the work and also to the ability of the student to complete and defend the dissertation by summer 2021. These letters should be sent directly to your department administrator, who will forward them, along with the chair’s memo, and any edits a student has made to their application materials to The Divisional deadline is April 2, 2020. Students can expect to be notified in early to mid May.





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