The Office of the Bursar publishes current tuition rates and the Student Manual of University Policies and Regulations details doctoral students' registration policies.

Master's Students
Tuition for MA and MFA students is assessed according to the number of units for which a student is registered in a given quarter, typically 300 units.

Doctoral Students
Tuition for doctoral students is assessed according to a student's registration status (e.g. Pro Forma).

Tution post the five year Division of the Humanities Fellowship
In most cases, at the end of their fifth year, students typically reach the end of their initial period of funding and are no longer eligible for renewal of their existing fellowship award. Students should begin to plan for this period early.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Tuition rates after the fourth year of enrollment are significantly less than for the first four years of enrollment. Although the University's published tuition rate for after the fourth year is $7,039 per quarter in 2016-17, students typically receive tuition assistance from the Division which brings the quarterly tuition cost to the student down to $784 per quarter.
  • A student who is not otherwise receiving full tuition aid generally receives full tuition aid in the quarter in which the student teaches an approved course in the College, the Humanities or Social Sciences Division, or the Divinity School. (Note: Courses taught at the Summer Language Institute, Graham School of Continuing Education, the University Lab School, and at other institutions while in an exchange status do not qualify.)
  • Students (including international students who may qualify for alternative loans) should consult with the Student Loan Administration in order to explore all options for funding their studies. Students are often hesitant to take out student loans, but loans may allow students to better balance teaching loads and other outside work with finishing the dissertation in a timely manner.
  • In addition to applying for divisional dissertation-year fellowships, students should research and apply for fellowships and grants from outside the University. For more information about internal and external grants, see Fellowships.

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