The Office of the Bursar publishes a list of current fee rates.

Mandatory Quarterly Fees
All registered students are assessed a quarterly Student Life Fee, which grants access to Student Health and Counseling Services. Please note: this fee is distinct from the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP), which is an elective health insurance plan available to MA and to Ph.D. students. The Student Life Fee also covers student activities, a percentage of which are allocated through the Humanities Division Graduate Student Council. Students are assessed this fee for each quarter they are enrolled on campus. Students may also elect to pay this fee during quarters, such as the summer or during a medical leave of absence, when they are not enrolled but wish to access the Student Health and Counseling Services. Spring quarter graduates who remain in the Chicago area during the summer may also elect to pay this fee.

The Student Life Fee will be waived only for those students who live and study over 100 miles from campus, and who will not be on campus during the quarter. These waivers are administered by Office of the  Deans of Students. Students need to petition the Dean of Students office on an annual basis to waive the mandatory quarterly fees. Humanities graduate students may petition to waive the Student Life Fee using the form hereStudents who fail to petition the Dean of Students office for a waiver will not be refunded fees paid in prior quarters. Mandatory fees are automatically waived for students registered in Pro Forma status.

Lifetime Transcript Fee
All entering students pay a one-time Lifetime Transcript Fee. There is no waiver for this fee.

Registration Fees
Information can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Late Payment Fees
The Office of the Bursar assesses late payment fees when a balance due is not received by the deadline indicated on a bill.

  • Failure to receive a bill is not grounds to petition for a late payment fee waiver—students can access their bursar accounts through my.uchicago.edu. Students may also ask the Dean of Students office to access their most recent bill.

  • Failure to pay a bill while waiting for a financial aid adjustment (mandatory fee waiver, insurance waiver, tuition aid for teaching, etc.) is not grounds to petition for a late payment fee waiver. Students who are unsure what they actually owe should contact the Humanities Dean of Students office at humdos@uchicago.edu.

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