Teaching Fellows in the Humanities

Teaching Fellows in the Humanities

Applications for 2022-2023 have closed. Please check back in Winter 2023 for application information for 2023-2024. 

2022-2023 Teaching Fellows in the Humanities Program
The Division of the Humanities is accepting applications from current and recent graduate students in the Division for a competitive two-year program designed to enhance their pedagogical skills and research profile. Teaching Fellows participate in a community of practice around teaching, research, and professional development, drawing on guidance and support from the Division, the Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT), and a designated faculty mentor.

To be eligible, applicants must be current or recent graduate students who are on track to receive or have received a PhD within 7 years of registration from a PhD program in the Humanities Division at the University of Chicago.

Successful candidates will be appointed as full-time Lecturers with the following workload: teaching four courses per year, making progress on research (revising the dissertation for publication, writing articles, presenting at professional conferences, and other research activities potentially unrelated to their teaching, and developing competencies that further the Teaching Fellow’s professional goals. Teaching Fellows will be assigned courses at the undergraduate level and will typically teach at least one course in the Humanities or Arts Core. Other course assignments may include language courses and courses in majors and programs that relate to Teaching Fellows’ expertise. Teaching Fellows will also typically be assigned to teach a self-designed course which meets the curricular needs of their department or program. Occasionally, a Teaching Fellow may be assigned other responsibilities in lieu of one of their four-course assignment.

The salary for AY22-23 is $48,093. Each Teaching Fellow will also be provided support for research and professional development, including financial support for conference travel; have access to library privileges, and access to career services support through UChicagoGRAD. Each Teaching Fellow also receives a range of employment benefits, including health insurance coverage options through the University Benefits office.

Teaching Fellows are expected to be fully in residence and on campus during the three quarters of the academic year. Teaching Fellows will participate in a program of pedagogical and professional development under the joint supervision of the Humanities Division Faculty Director of the Teaching Fellows program, the Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT), and their faculty mentor in a relevant Divisional department or program.

Teaching Fellow positions are full-time and allow Teaching Fellows time to pursue their research agendas and opportunities for career advancement. Teaching Fellows are prohibited from accepting any other on-campus employment and from receiving additional compensation from the University during their two-year term of appointment, with the exception of summer work, which must be preapproved by the Provost’s Office before its official start and offered to the Teaching Fellow in the form of an addendum to their letter of appointment. Teaching Fellows are also subject to the University’s Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy, which requires approval prior to accepting any outside employment and prohibits academic appointees from accepting appointments at other institutions.

Program Eligibility:  In order to be eligible for the Teaching Fellows Program (TF) an applicant must:
a. have received or be on track to receive the PhD degree within 7 years of registration into a PhD program in the Humanities Division of the University of Chicago;
b. have received their PhD degree no earlier than in the Spring Quarter 2021; or be on track to complete all degree requirements and file the dissertation no later than Wednesday, July 27, 2022 for graduation in the Summer Quarter 2022;
c. identify a faculty sponsor who will commit to mentoring the Teaching Fellow during the program;
d. receive the endorsement of their department chair.

Application Process:
Applications are due by 11pm central time on Friday, March 3, 2022, and must be submitted through The University’s Academic Recruitment site (Interfolio). The posting may be accessed at http://apply.interfolio.com/101066.

Each application must include:
• a cover letter. This letter should follow the basic parameters for academic cover letters in describing the applicant’s scholarship and teaching experience/interests. In addition, please indicate the following:
- your top three choices of Humanities/Arts Core sequence
- if you are interested in teaching courses for either the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) or the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GNSE) program
• a current CV
• the following teaching materials:

- a teaching statement, max. 750 words, describing the applicant’s methods and goals in teaching a text or artwork in the Humanities Core or Arts Core. Applicants should write about a text or artwork of their own choosing but are encouraged to review details of Humanities Core Sequences and Arts Core Sequences as they prepare their statement;
- a sample syllabus for a proposed self-designed course the applicant would be prepared to offer as a Teaching Fellow. The proposed course should be appropriate for both majors and non-majors in the applicant’s area of study
• three letters of recommendation
- a letter of nomination from the department chair attesting to the applicant’s appropriate progress to degree and listing possible teaching assignments. Joint degree students should request this letter from the chair of their home department. Joint degree students selected as Teaching Fellows will be appointed in their home department only
- one letter of recommendation addressing the applicant’s teaching experience
- a brief letter of commitment from a faculty member who agrees to serve as mentor during the 2022-23 academic year and who will be in residence for the full year

* If the faculty mentor’s letter also addresses the applicant’s teaching experience, the faculty member may supply the same letter to fulfill both requirements.

Note: All letters should be submitted as reference letters via the Academic Recruitment website. Applicants are advised to request their letters as soon as possible (i.e. prior to submitting the final materials) to allow ample time for recommenders to upload their letters.

Selection Process:
All applications will be reviewed by the TF committee, which includes a representative of the Chicago Center for Teaching, the Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division, the Dean of Students of the Division of the Humanities, the Faculty Director of the Teaching Fellows program, and two additional faculty members from the Humanities Division, to be designated by the Dean of the Humanities Division.

Notification and Start of Program:
Successful Teaching Fellows and alternates will be notified by March 21, 2022. Teaching Fellows’ appointment will be for a term of two years beginning September 1, 2022.

• The TF appointment is contingent upon graduation no later than the Summer Quarter of 2022, and on the satisfactory presentation of appropriate documentation of eligibility to work lawfully in the United States by the start of the appointment
• International students who receive an appointment must secure work authorization from the Office of International Affairs prior to September 1, 2022, to avoid a delay in their ability to begin employment.
• The terms and conditions of employment for this position are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Service Employees International Union.

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