MFA Student Teaching

MFA Student Teaching

Teaching Assistantships

To accommodate students' interests in teaching, the university offers paid teaching assistantships in most Visual Arts courses. Teaching assistantships are assigned for the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring) during the preceding summer quarter.  Under the current funding structure, students receive three TA positions in their first year and three TA positions in their second year. These positions pay $3000 per class, for a total of $9000 each year. The current funding structure is subject to change; students receive official notice of their TA assignments in the summer before each academic year they're in residence. MFA students are also encouraged to apply for assistantships in other departments across the university.

Visual Arts Teaching Fellowship

In their last quarter of residence, students are invited to apply for a Visual Arts Teaching Fellowship, which offers the opportunity to teach four courses in the department in the year following graduation.

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