PhD Student Teaching

PhD Student Teaching

In 2018-2019, the Division of the Humanities began working with departments to develop tailored pedagogical training plans, which outline requirements related to teaching. The Division articulated a clear analogy between learning to become a scholar and learning to become a teacher. Students are trained to become scholars through coursework, reading lists, qualifying exams, writing a dissertation, and above all through advising and mentoring.  Similarly, students are trained to become teachers through pedagogical training and corresponding teaching assignments to prepare them for future careers and to make them competitive on the job market. The pedagogical training plans also recognize that a student’s training as a teacher should be informed by the student’s disciplinary interests and that degree requirements will vary by program.

For example, a student’s teaching experience typically will be structured progressively, e.g. beginning with Writing Internships and Teaching Assistantships and leading to a Graduate Student Lectureship in the student’s discipline and/or in the College Core Curriculum. 

Each doctoral program has established a pedagogical training plan, which is available to students in the program. 

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