Pass/Fail, Audits, and Language Exams

Pass/Fail, Audits, and Language Exams

Pass/Fail is not a registration status. Rather, students arrange a pass/fail grade with their instructors at the beginning of a course. Students should check with their departments about program stipulations regarding courses taken pass/fail.

A Ph.D. student who wishes to take a course as an audit should register in the course for credit and then make sure the instructor knows they wish to audit the course. The instructor can submit an “R” grade for the course.

MA and MFA students are not eligible to take courses for a grade of "R".

Language Exams
Students must register to take a University graduate foreign language reading examination. The codes for these exams can be found on the registrar's classes page under "Language Reading Exam." The exam fee is $90. An additional $30 is assessed for each language reading exam added after Friday of third week. No refund of the exam fee is issued for exams dropped after Friday of third week. Exam results are posted on portal with other current quarter grades. Only grades of Pass (P) or High Pass (P*) become part of a student's permanent transcript.  Schedules are available from the Office of Language Assessment and samples of past exams are available from the University's Language Center.

For more information on the Division's language exam requirement, click here.

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