Academic Year Registration

Academic Year Registration

Quarterly Registration
In autumn, registration is held the week before the quarter begins. In winter, spring, and summer, registration is held during the eighth week of the prior quarter. Students should register Monday through Thursday, with Friday reserved for special cases.

Students request their courses through my.uchicago. From the "My Academics" drop down menu found on the homepage, students must select "Classes and Registration" followed by "My Classes" to access the registration portal.

After selecting their courses, students then meet with their Director of Graduate Studies/Faculty Advisor/Preceptor to reivew their registration and make changes as necessary. If a course requires instructor consent, the student must show proof of consent (e.g., email from the instructor). If a course is full, the student will be informed and asked to select another course. Students who receive permission from the instructor to take a full course should contact their departmental administrator for help registering.

MA/MFA/MAPH programs
Students should register for the total number of units they plan to take during the quarter (typically 300, which is usually three courses). They should not, at any time, register for more or less than the total number of units they plan to take during the quarter. Students should never register for more than 300 units. MA and MFA students should not register to audit courses. To be considered full-time, MA and MFA students must register for 300 units per quarter (typically three courses). All international students in these programs must register for 300 units to maintain visa status. A student planning to register for fewer than 300 units (half-time) needs departmental approval, and students with scholarships also need the Dean of Students' approval. Students with loans who plan to move from full- to half-time or less should contact the Student Loan Administration before a change of status.

Course Information
Course offerings are published every quarter on the registrar's website.

Law School Course Registration
In order to register for ANY law school course, current Humanities students must submit a "Non-Law School Student Permission to Register" form , along with the registration or add/drop form. The form requires signatures from both the course instructor and the Law School Registrar.

Chicago Booth Course Registration
Humanities students may only register for a business course if the course is appropriate to the student's program of study (i.e., approved by a faculty adviser in the department). Registration for business courses that are open to non-Booth students does not take place until the second week of the quarter. Therefore, it is advisable for Humanities students to also attend a non-Booth alternative or back-up course. Information about taking courses at Chicago Booth is available here.

Exchange Scholar
The Exchange Scholar Program allows doctoral students to study for up to one academic year at a participating host institution. Students register at both institutions and a record of work done is entered on the transcripts of both institutions. Participants pay tuition to the home university and are not billed by the host institution. Students apply through UChicagoGrad.

All students are responsible for checking their accounts for restrictions (Bursar, Library, Student Loan Administration, Real Estate Operations, Immunization, Office of International Affairs, etc.) before registration. A student cannot register until all restrictions are cleared.

Late Registration Fees
A schedule of late registration fees can be found on the Registrar's website.

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