Preparing for Matriculation

Preparing for Matriculation

Below you will find some useful preliminary information regarding the final steps for starting in your graduate program. You can expect to receive communication over the summer with reminders and further details about these, and other important resources that will be available to you as a University of Chicago graduate student. You may find the most up-to-date information regarding the University's response to COVID-19 here.

Official Transcripts

You must provide official, final transcripts from each institution from which you have received a degree prior to the start of your first quarter of study. A transcript is considered final only when it specifically states what degree you have received and the date it was conferred. If the transcript from an institution does not specifically state degrees conferred, you will also need to submit a copy of a diploma or other degree certificate. An official transcript is a transcript which has been supplied from a school administrative officer and which bears an institutional seal or stamp. Typically it will be in a sealed envelope from the Registrar of the degree-granting institution. Upon acceptance of an offer of admission to the University of Chicago, students should request transcripts from their Registrar's Offices and submit them in signed-and-sealed envelopes. The Dean of Students Office reserves the right to determine whether a transcript has been tampered with. If a degree-granting institution does not provide additional copies of transcripts or degree certificates, please contact the Humanities Dean of Students Office at for further instructions.

Tuition and Billing

Tuition and Fees are posted by the Office of the Bursar. This is also where you can find information on billing dates and how to pay your bill.


UChicagoGRAD maintains a housing resource page for graduate students. There you will find many resources for your housing search, including a map of Chicago neighborhoods where current grad students live.

Exploring Chicago

This page contains many resources to assist students in getting around the city. Maps of the UGo Daytime and NightRide shuttle routes give those who are unfamiliar with the university's surroundings an idea of where students, faculty, and university staff tend to reside in Hyde Park. Transloc is a real-time bus tracking app serving the campus area, including UGo shuttles.

Getting Immunization Records/Getting Immunized

All University of Chicago students are required by state law to demonstrate immunity to certain diseases. You may find information about required immunizations at Student Health and Counseling Services. Starting with the 2017-2018 academic year, the process for verifying immunization records will undergo a change. Please keep an eye on the Student Health and Counseling Services website for updates.

Enrolling in/Waiving University Health Insurance Plan

All University of Chicago students are required to have health insurance. Information about enrolling in or waiving the University's student health insurance plan (U-SHIP) can be found at Student Health and Counseling Services.

Student ID Cards

New students can get their UChicago Cards in person at the ID and Privileges Office, located in the lobby of the Regenstein Library. They are usually available at the beginning of the Summer Quarter.

Orientation, Registration, Academic Advising

Autumn quarter advising and course registration generally takes place during the week prior to the start of autumn quarter. You may peruse UChicago Time Schedules to get an idea of what courses are offered. Most departments organize orientation sessions and festivities for incoming students. In addition, the Humanities Dean of Students Office holds an orientation program prior to the University-wide graduate student orientation presented by UChicagoGRAD.

Summer Matriculation 

While the majority of students matriculate in Autumn Quarter, we do have a small number of students, who in consultation and advisement with their departments, matriculate in Summer Quarter. There are a number of reasons why a student might want to matriculate in Summer including language training and/or academic coursework. If a PhD student matriculates in Summer, their time to degree begins in Summer and maximum registration quarter would be modified accordingly. The Dean of Students Office will need to know by May 15th whether a student is matriculating in Summer Quarter so funding can be updated appropriately. 

Some Other Useful Resources

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