Dissertation Research Travel Grants

Dissertation Research Travel Grants

Dissertation Research Travel Grants 2018-2019
Application deadline: April 30, 2018

The Humanities Division provides limited funding for students who plan to travel to conduct dissertation research. A student may only receive a Dissertation Research Travel Grant once in his or her graduate career and the grants are not renewable. The funding for these grants comes from several accounts, including the Arnaldo Momigliano Dissertation Research Travel Award fund and the Biamonte Fellowship fund.

Funding from these grants is extremely limited. Students should first apply for travel grants from departments and centers (e.g., Nicholson, France Chicago, CEAS, COSAS) before requesting these funds.

Applicants will be awarded funds based on their specific travel and financial needs, the quality and feasibility of their projects, in addition to other academic qualifications. 

If a student's research needs can be met in Regenstein Library, funding from these grants will not be possible. Additionally, these grants are not intended for pre-dissertation survey trips. 

Students who have previously done research at the location for which they are applying must explain why a return trip is necessary to complete their research, and they must ask their recommender to comment on their explanation. Other eligibility requirements:

1. Admission to candidacy before disbursement of the award.
2. Begin research at location no earlier than the start of Summer Quarter 2018.
3. Complete research at location no later than end of Spring Quarter 2019.

All materials should be emailed to humdos@uchicago.edu no later than Monday, April 30. Announcements of the winners will be made in early June 2018. Each application must include:

1. A completed application form which includes a statement, itinerary, and budget.
2. One letter of recommendation which should be from the chair of the student's dissertation committee.
3. If the student will be consulting either individuals or archives that have limited access, the student must also provide confirmation that these resources will be available to her or him.
4. A curriculum vitae (CV).
5. Transcripts will provided by the Dean of Students office.

The selection committee reserves the right not to consider dossiers which do not comply with these requirements. Questions may be directed to humdos@uchicago.edu.


Ryerson Fellowship in Archeology Travel/Conference Grant

The Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship is awarded by the Ryerson Fellowship Committee to graduate students studying the art and archaeology of the Greek and Roman worlds.  Students may apply for travel grants, pre-dissertation grants, or dissertation year write-up fellowships. Grants are made for both the current and the next academic year.  Grants for the current academic year are typically smaller and project based, and may include travel to conferences and exhibitions.  Grants for the next academic year are typically larger and involve substantive research on the dissertation and/or fieldwork. In the absence of qualified candidates studying Greek and Roman art and archaeology, fellowship funds will be available to graduate students studying Near Eastern archaeology.

Fall quarter deadline (small grants for current academic year): 27 November 2017
Winter quarter deadline (small grants for current academic year): 20 February 2018
Spring quarter (grants for next academic year): 02 April 2018

Applications for a Ryerson travel or conference grant should include:
1) an application form
2) a clear and concise statement of purpose
3) a budget specifying the expected cost of transportation and housing
4) a letter of support from the student's advisor (or a professor well-acquainted with the student's work and the proposed plan of research)

Proposals and faculty recommendation letters should be addressed to the Ryerson Fellowship Selection Committee. The Office of the Dean of Students will add a current transcript to the application.

All application materials should be submitted electronically via email to humdos@uchicago.edu.

At the completion of the fellowship, students are required to submit a short report to the Committee.

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