Exhibit Features Archival Images of Persepolis

View of the eastern stairway and columns of the Apadana (Audience Hall) at Persepolis, Iran, 5th century B.C. (Courtesy of Oriental Institute)
A new exhibition at the Oriental Institute will give visitors a rare glimpse inside the ancient city of Persepolis. “Persepolis: Images of an Empire,” which opens Oct. 13, includes archival photographs and a new multimedia presentation that document an astounding imperial complex of palaces constructed by the Persian kings Darius, Xerxes and Artaxerxes I and III, who ruled between 522 and 338 B.C. in present-day southwest Iran.

Artist, DOVA Chair Jessica Stockholder Champions Contemporary Art at UChicago

Prof. Jessica Stockholder, Rose's Inclination, 2015. Paint, carpet, fragment of Judy Ledgerwood's painting, branches, rope, Plexiglas, light fixtures, hardware, extension cord, mulch, Smart Museum foyer, courtyard and sidewalks. Commissioned by the The University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art. Courtesy of the artist, Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, and Kavi Gupta Gallery
This promises to be a remarkable autumn for Stockholder. In addition to her installation, Rose's Inclination, at Smart Museum, her work will be shown at the renowned Kavi Gupta Gallery, at the international contemporary art exposition EXPO Chicago on Sept. 17 to 20, and at MK Restaurant. “For someone who wants to travel to all four different venues, you’ll see all the different parts of what I do,” Stockholder said.


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