Media Mentions June 2024

Media Mentions June 2024

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What Does The ‘Chicago Accent’ Actually Sound Like?
Block Club Chicago
Sharese King (Linguistics) mentioned in this article. Assist. Prof. King is co-leading the Chicagoland Language Project in collaboration with Prof. Annette D’Onofrio (Northwestern University). They are researching the diversity of language and life in the Chicago area through interviews with Chicagoans.

Writers on Writing: Jericho Brown and Robyn Schiff
Newberry Library YouTube Channel
Robyn Schiff (English Language and Literature, Program in Creative Writing) and Jericho Brown discussed having a career as a writer, with a focus on the craft of writing.

Author’s Book Looks At How Theater Can Respond To Racial Reckonings
Weekly Citizen
Patrice Rankine (Classics) discusses his recent book Theater and Crisis: Myth, Memory, and Racial Reckoning in America, 1964-2020, and how theater responds to racial reckoning by re-examining classical myths in the context of modern events like George Floyd's murder. Prof. Rankine argues that through myth, theater provides a space for communities to confront and process past and present racial violence collectively.

Truth in Language - The Roundtable Perspective 508
The Roundtable Perspective
Anastasia Giannakidou (Lingusitics) joined host Thomas J. Roach to discuss a recent book she co-authored, Truth and Veridicality in Grammar and Thought. They explored the importance of language and the meaning behind truth as it relates to linguistics, including concepts such as modality, veridicality, and nonveridicality.

July 9, 2024