Media Mentions April 2023

Media Mentions April 2023

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Augusta Read Thomas’s Toward a Secret Sky
Review of Augusta Read Thomas's (Music) recent composition Toward a Secret Sky describes it as "sonically rapturous, emotionally ecstatic. and impeccably visionary." Read Thomas structured the work around nine Rumi texts, which are evocative of love.

Theaster Gates’s Rebuild Foundation and Miyagi Records to open South Side record store
Chicago Tribune
Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) mentioned in this article about a new record store that opened in Washington Park's Arts Block. Miyagi Records aims to highlight Chicago’s rich musical history across many genres, such as blues, soul, house, jazz, and hip hop.

Book launch of The Tsinghua University Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts: Studies and Translations book series
Edward L. Shaughnessy (East Asian Languages and Civilizations) mentioned in this article about the Tsinghua University Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts: Studies and Translations book series on the latest state of research and annotated translations of manuscripts by a specialist in the field of early Chinese manuscript studies. Shaughnessy wrote the first volume, and serves as co-editor of the book series.

Theaster Gates and the Black Monks Sing the South Side Alive
Review on Theaster Gates's (Visual Arts) exhibition Young Lords and Their Traces at the New Museum in New York, and the musical performance that closed Gates's solo exhibition earlier this year.

Dass er das so ernst nimmt!
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Article discusses David Wellbery's (Germanic Studies) research on the relations between Goethe and UChicago Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow.

Dipesh Chakrabarty remembering Ranajit Guha: My guru, my friend
The Indian Express
Dipesh Chakrabarty (South Asian Languages and Civilizations) pays tribute to his guru and friend Ranjit Guha, one of the most distinguished historians of colonial and modern India who died in Vienna on April 28.

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May 10, 2023