Media Mentions February 2023

Media Mentions February 2023

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DeSantis wants a ‘core curriculum.’ That idea is college kryptonite
The Hill
Eric Slauter (English Language and Literature) is quoted discussing colleges and universities that offer a foundational education, or a core curriculum, and how opinions differ on how it should be structured for content and its geographic and chronological ranges.

A Woman’s Dystopia: A Review of Rachel Galvin’s “Uterotopia”
A review of Rachel Galvin’s (English Language and Literature) latest book, “Uterotopia” (see book cover above) which mentions underlying themes in her poems, such as the societal pressures and challenges of conception and childbearing.

Is There Hope for Free Speech and Ideological Diversity in American Universities?
The Wall Street Journal
Paul Alivisatos (President of UChicago) discusses improving the climate for free speech at U.S. universities and colleges, creating more ideological and intellectual diversity among the faculty, and how U.S. higher education can continue to be a force for socially and economically valuable research and discovery. 

Martha C. Nussbaum’s Case for Animal Rights
The New Republic
Martha C. Nussbaum (Philosophy) interviewed on her new book Justice for Animals: Our Collective Responsibility. Prof. Nussbaum argues, among other things, that living beings don’t want to just be put in a state of satisfaction. They want to be active architects of their own lives.

Scripts of Blackness: A Review – by Ellen R. Welch
Journal 18
Book review of Noémie Ndiaye's (English Language and Literature) Scripts of Blackness: Early Modern Performance Culture and the Making of Race notes that "in four substantial chapters, the book investigates the visual, acoustic, and kinetic dimensions of performative Blackness on the early modern stage."

Why Does Art History Love the Monochrome?
A review of "Monochrome Multitudes," an exhibition co-curated by Christine Mehring (Art History) at the Smart Art Museum, “questioned the role of the market and the possibility of pure aesthetics in single-colored works.”

Agnes Callard’s Marriage of the Minds
The New Yorker
Agnes Callard (Philosophy) is featured in this article about her experience with marriage and divorce with Philosophy lecturer Ben Callard, her marriage to Philosophy scholar Arnold Brooks, and her views on marriage as aspirational, as well as a topic worthy of public conversation when leading a philosophical life.

Light Reading
UChicago Magazine
Christine Mehring (Art History) and collaborators have studied Concrete Book #83, by the 20th-century German artist Wolf Vostell, and attempting to find if there's really a book inside the art piece. After partnering with physicists and the Argonne Laboratory with advanced X-Ray technology, Concrete Book #83 still remains a mystery.

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March 8, 2023