Media Mentions April 2022

Media Mentions April 2022

The latest media mentions, quotes, profiles, and writings from Division of the Humanities faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

“Facing ‘the Can’t-See of the Future,’ in Verse and at the Chiropractor’s”
The New York Times
Srikanth (Chicu) Reddy (English Language and Literature) reviewed Dana Levin’s book “Now Do You Know Where You Are.” He reflects on the work of poets, including Levin, who don’t write poetry, yet use and expand writing genres like literary experiments that depart and arrive to poems.

"How to Pronounce Eid al-Fitr—Here's the Right Way to Say It"
Tahera Qutbuddin (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) correctly pronounces "Eid al-Fitr" and states the phrase refers to the end of Ramadan, which is a time of great celebration and joy, and a time of prayer and thanksgiving for Muslims.

"Philly's Magic Gardens inspired new music by Augusta Read Thomas"
The Philadelphia Inquirer
For the 200th anniversary of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, Augusta Read Thomas composed "Magic Gardens" inspired by Isaiah Zagar's iconic mosiac art.

"Funding To Support Unprecedented Research On Short Films And Diversity In Early Hollywood"
American Film Institute
Allyson Nadia Field (Cinema and Media Studies) is on the board of American Film Institute (AFI) project “Behind the Veil,” which intends to document the cultural impact of women and people of color in the creation, distribution, and reception of early cinema.

"Editor's Note"
Poetry Foundation Magazine
Srikanth (Chicu) Reddy (English Language and Literature) discusses English as the language that millions of us learn, and how exophonic poets project their cultural histories into English. Reddy edited the latest issue of poems by the Poetry Foundation.

"Lush, romantic opera makes North American debut"
Hyde Park Herald
This review of the Korngold Festival covers the different events that took place on the UChicago campus, highlighting Korngold’s imaginative and evocative powers as a composer and the brilliance of the musicians who paid tribute to his music.

"Springing ahead with live performance"
Chicago Reader
Korngold Festival is featured as a noteworthy event and highlights the history of Erich Wolfgang Korngold. He started making musical scores for Hollywood films at the peak of his career as a composer in Vienna. Korngold turned to writing film scores permanently after Germany annexed Austria, and it was no longer safe for him to return because he was Jewish.

“FOLKS OPERETTA presents American premiere of Korngold's opera DIE KATHRIN”
Chicago Stage and Screen
Korngold Festival article featured Korngold’s last opera Die Kathrin as part of Folks Operetta's Reclaimed Voices Series, which restores and reclaims the voices of Jewish composers and librettists who were forced into exile during World War II.

“Korngold Festival in Hyde Park off to splendid start”
Hyde Park Herald
Article about the Korngold Festival lists the numerous events held at UChicago and highlights how the Korngold Festival delved into many of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s lesser-known achievements.


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April 20, 2022