Meet the Staff: Brent Fergusson

Meet the Staff: Brent Fergusson

Brent Fergusson

More than 100 staff members work in the Division of the Humanities. We’ll introduce you to our staff in this continuing series.

Brent Fergusson
Manager, Academic Records and Systems
Office of the Dean of Students

What do you like most about your job?
The people I’m working with. The Humanities DOS office is fantastic, and I got a warm reception from various department administrators. When I sent out an email introducing myself and talking about my background, I got many emails back with photos of pets and board game recommendations. Admittedly, I solicited those emails, but still, I wasn’t expecting people to take me up on it.

What was the last good book you read?
I’m finishing up The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman, which I last read when I was in high school, and I’ve really enjoyed it. During the last few years, most of my reading has been much more deeply escapist  and largely in the sci-fi world. I discovered Anne Leckie and voraciously read all of her books, starting with Ancillary Justice.  Then I found Liu Cixin’s Three-Body Problem and read that trilogy. I also revisited two of my favorite series, the Masters of Rome by Colleen McCullough and the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian. The thought of sailing around the South Pacific sustained me through another long COVID winter.

You might work with me if …
…you do anything related to convocation, student milestones, student employment, or reimbursement, among other things. And if you are trying to figure something out, feel free to reach out and I can try to help.

What skill/s are you continuously developing outside of what you do at work?
At home, I bake and cook a lot.  I’m not exactly being intentional about learning new skills, but I am pretty regularly making pies, breads, and other baked goods with my six-year-old son who wants to be a baker. I’m learning through experience and through the feedback of the 'official taste tester"—my eight-year-old daughter. If you’re interested in an amazing chocolate cake recipe that uses no refined sugar or gluten, let me know.

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March 25, 2022