Media Mentions January 2022

Media Mentions January 2022

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“Why Buster Keaton is today's most influential actor”
Tina Post (English Language and Literature) points out that Buster Keaton “couples a blank expression with a bodily endurability,” which is similar to the American construction of Blackness.

"Reading Leo Strauss in China"
Tablet Magazine
Feature looks at the study of Leo Strauss at UChicago and in China, with references to work by Prof. Shadi Bartsch (Classics) and visiting prof. Heinrich Meier

"This Figuring: Some Remarks on Today’s Painting Crazes"
Mousse Magazine
Dieter Roelstraete (Art History and Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society) discusses the rebirth of painting and explores why it’s happening now.

“Virtual opening remarks for Epoch 2020: Relevance of Gandhi in Present Tense”
W.J.T. Mitchell (English Language and Literature) gave the keynote presentation for Shelly Jyoti’s virtual exhibition opening of “Epoch 2020: Relevance of Gandhi in Present Tense.”

“Getting Real”
Christine Mehring (Art History) examines the Panza Collection Initiative, collector Guiseppe Panza's unauthorized handling of minimalist artworks, and the questions that arise when museums acquire these artworks.

“New Museum Aims to Showcase History of Creative Labor by Actors of Color”
PBS Newshour
Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) argues for recontextualizing such films as “Gone With the Wind,” rather than taking them out of circulation in her role as the chief artistic and programming officer of the New Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

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February 1, 2022