Media Mentions October 2021

Media Mentions October 2021

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"Chicago Born Film Scholar Awarded MacArthur Fellowship"
In an interview, MacArthur Fellow Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) talks about Black film history in Chicago and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

"Independent Black Cinema Got Its Start on Chicago’s South Side"
WBEZ Chicago
Allyson Nadia Field (Cinema and Media Studies) quoted in article about William Foster—the first Black director to make a film with an all-Black cast 

"Capturing the Magic of Movies"
The New York Times
Long-awaited Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) bring attention to artists who were often less visible in moviemaking.

"Music, Poetry by UChicago Faculty Will Welcome President Alivisatos on Oct. 29"
UChicago News
Augusta Read Thomas (Music)  Srikanth “Chicu” Reddy (Creative Writing) usher in new University president with music and poetry. 

"From the Forbidden City to UChicago, Art Historian Searches for ‘a Human Perspective’"
UChicago News
Article highlights ‘one of the most influential leaders in art history,’ Wu Hung (Visual Arts).

"Let the Punishment Fit the Crime"
Boston Review
Ben Austen (Creative Writing) co-authors article on the criminal justice reform, the complicated history of parole, and the crisis of mass incarceration.

"Persuasion — is it Possible, or Even Desirable?"
The Minefield Podcast
On podcast, Agnes Callard (Philosophy) discusses rhetorical persuasion, Hannah Arendt, and conviction. 

"A Big Hollywood Premiere That was a Long Time Coming"
The NewYork Times
Article details efforts by Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) as chief artistic and programming officer at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

"A Long-Lost Silent Movie Turned up in a Storage Closet in Peoria and Got its First Screening This Week in Chicago in Almost a Century. Next Stop: Turner Classic Movies"
Chicago Tribune
Professor emeritus Tom Gunning (Cinema and Media Studies) discusses the “resurrection” of director Edward Sedgwick’s five-reel silent film “The First Degree.”  

"Survey Claims to Highlight ‘Mispronounced’ or ‘Misused’ English Words"
WTTW Chicago
Humanities Teaching Fellow Jacob Phillips (Linguistics) discusses English terminology, pronunciation, and linguistic bias.

"Jobs Requiring College Degrees Disqualify Most U.S. Workers — Especially Workers of Color"
PBS News Hour
Watch Martha C. Nussbaum (Philosophy) in conversation on the value and cost of higher education.

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October 26, 2021