Media Mentions July 2021

Media Mentions July 2021

The latest media mentions, quotes, profiles, and writings from Division of the Humanities faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

"Robert K. Ritner Jr., Eminent Egyptologist and Beloved Teacher, 1953–2021"
UChicago News
Robert Ritner (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) remembered for masterful lectures that made ‘complex topics easy to understand.’

"Books You Should Read This Summer, According to UChicago Faculty"
UChicago News
Faculty teaching award winners Persis Berlekamp (Art History), Patrick Jagoda (English Language and Literarture), and Daniel Morgan (Cinema and Media Studies) share works that brought them comfort and joy this year.

"Ear Taxi Festival is Coming Back to Chicago, Free and Bigger and Bolder Than Before"
The Chicago Tribune
Ear Taxi Festival, spearheaded by Augusta Read Thomas (Music) in 2016, returns to Chicago from Sept. 15 through Oct. 4.

"The Magic, Sex, and Violence of the 14th-Century Poem Behind The Green Knight"
Mark Miller (English Language and Literature) discusses Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the 14th-century poem that inspired a new film.

"'Academy Museum to Highlight Work of Black VFX Artists"
Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures highlight the work of Black VFX artists through an interactive online panel discussion.

"‘I’m not Jeff Koons!’ – The Endurance Crawls, Weird Texts and Guerrilla Brilliance of Pope.L"
The Guardian
Ahead of his first British exhibition in over a decade, William Pope.L (Visual Arts) reflects on the complexities of art institutions. 

"Against Persuasion"
Boston Review
In essay, Agnes Callard (Philosophy) discusses Socrates, radical collaboration, and persuasion.

"‘I’m Going to Create My Own Doors’: In Chicago, Asian Women Arts Heads Lead by Example"
The Chicago Tribune
Article features Amy Iwano, executive director of University of Chicago Presents, in conversation with other Chicago-based arts administrators on Asian women in the arts.

"Lauren Berlant, Critic of the American Dream, Is Dead at 63"
The New York Times
Obituary looks at the life and legacy of Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature). 

"‘What Would It Mean to Think That Thought?’: The Era of Lauren Berlant"
The Nation
Judith Butler, Maggie Doherty, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, and Gabriel Winant reflect on the life and career of Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature).

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July 26, 2021