Media Mentions: March 2021

Media Mentions: March 2021

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"Vocalist Ian Bostridge to Deliver Lecture Series on Music and Identity"
UChicago News
Acclaimed tenor will present the Berlin Family Lectures on April 11, 17, and 24. 

"What is NFT Art? Chicago Artists Explain the Goldrush, as One Collection by Beeple Brings in $69 Million"
Chicago Tribune 
MAAD Lecturer Nick Briz (Cinema and Media Studies) discusses enthusiasm and concern about Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. 

"The Shockingly Melancholy Britney Spears Documentary You’ve Never Heard Of"
Vanity Fair
Judy Hoffman (Cinema and Media Studies) was given behind-the-scenes access to the biggest pop star in the world in 2002, and created an unconventional film about the loneliness of fame.

"Ghenwa Hayek Reviews Togo Mizrahi and the Making of Egyptian Cinema"
Critical Inquiry
Ghenwa Hayek (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) finds Togo Mizrahi's newest book to be a "valuable resource for film scholars and students of early cinema in Egypt."

"Controversial Classics Spur New Conversations for TCM Hosts"
Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) discusses Turner Classic Movies' efforts to reframe controversial classic films.

"Creation in Crisis: a Conversation with Edgar Garcia"
Latinx Spaces
Edgar Garcia (English Language and Literature) discusses his practice and recently published book, Signs of the Americas: A Poetics of Pictography, Hieroglyphs, and Khipu.

"Cuando Castilla Pudo ser una Confederación de Repúblicas Plebeyas"
Review of Comuneros. El Rayo y la Semilla a new book by Miguel Martínez (Romance Languages and Literatures). Article in Spanish. 

"In the Virtual Actual World: A Conversation with Jo Ann Beard"
LA Review of Books
Rachel DeWoskin (English Language and Literature) interviews author Jo Ann Beard.

"Martha Nussbaum Awarded 2021 Holberg Prize"
UChicago News
Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy) has been named the winner of the 2021 Holberg Prize—one of the largest international awards given to an outstanding researcher in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, law or theology.

"Take a Closer Look at Artist Pope.L’s Newest Exhibition"
UChicago News
My Kingdom for a Title at the Neubauer Collegium contains allusions to the COVID-19 crisis with a degree of directness that is unusual in work by William Pope.L (Visual Arts).

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April 2, 2021