Media Mentions: August 2020

Media Mentions: August 2020

"Austen Years,’ a Memoir Best Read by Jane Austen Fans, Might Yet Create New Ones"
The Philidelphia Inquirer
Review of Austen Years: A Memoir in Five Novels by Rachel Cohen (English Language and Literature).

"Snapchat Team Up With Six Black Artists Including Theaster Gates in Honour of the 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington"
FAD Magazine
To encourage mask-wearing as a symbol of protest and self-expression, Snapchat has commissioned six Black artists to design augmented reality face lenses, including Theaster Gates (Visual Arts), Laci Jordan, No Kings, Chelsea Alexander, Mikel Patrick Avery and Marcio Lima.

"Stephanie Soileau, AB’98"
UChicago Magazine
In a Q and A, Stephanie Soileau (Creative Writing) discusses books that changed her life, alternative professions, and what she learned at UChicago.

"Novelist Mitchell S Jackson: ‘Where do I Write? Hell, Anywhere the Words Strike me’"
Mitchell S. Jackson (Creative Writing) talks about his writing style and favorite authors in a Q and A. 

"A Q&A with Pope.L, the Artist Behind the Latest Aspen Art Museum ‘Takeover’ in the Aspen Times"
The Aspen Times
In a Q and A, William Pope.L  (Visual Arts) discusses his newest project and the role of public art. 

"Art Supply Companies Contend with Racism as ‘Flesh Tones’ Come Under Scrutiny"
Art News
W.J.T. Mitchell (English Language and Literature) discusses pigment, "flesh tones," and normative whiteness in art practice.

"‘Blazing Saddles’: HBO Max Includes TCM Notice To Provide Context For Mel Brooks’ Western Spoof"
Jacqueline Najuma Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) provides social context to the 1974 Cleavon Little-Gene Wilder comedy Blazing Saddles in introduction on HBO Max. 

"Top 7 Booths to See at UNTITLED, ART"
FAD Magazine
Group exhibit including the work of Jessica Stockholder (Visual Arts) listed as a must see at the "world’s first virtual reality art fair" UNTITLED, ART.

"Gimme More: On Sianne Ngai’s “Theory of the Gimmick”"
LA Review of Books
Review of Theory of the Gimmick: Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form the latest book from Sianne Ngai (English Language and Literature).

"5 New Works of Fiction by Chicago Authors"
Chicago Tribune
Stephanie Soileau (Creative Writing) debuts a collection of stories Last One Out Shut Off the Lights.

"Open Sheds Used for What?: College Alumna Twins Curate Citywide Art Installation"
Art History News
Alumni from the Departments of Art History and Visual Arts create rotating installation aimed at activating and intervening in unoccupied open spaces in the city.

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August 25, 2020