Media Mentions: January 2020

Media Mentions: January 2020

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What Makes Pope.L's Art Endure? (It's Not the Famous Crawls)
New York Times
Group of exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art highlight "weirdest and best" works of William Pope.L (Visual Arts).

Shattered Buddhist Statues Restored with help from the OI
UChicago News
Gil Stein (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) and UChicago's Oriental Institute help restore rare Buddhist statues from as early as the 6th century.

Andrei Pop Reviews A History of Art History
Critical Inquiry
Andrei Pop (Art History) reviews Christopher Wood's "A History of Art History."

Chicago's Classical Scene has Grammy Magic, mojo that Comes from a Group of Creative Women on the City's New Music Scene
Chicago Tribune
The unique story of women at the helm of Chicago’s art music scene begins with Augusta Read Thomas (Music).

Martha Nussbaum Thinks the So-Called Retreat of Liberalism is an Academic fad
The Nation
Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy) discusses her book, "The Cosmopolitan Tradition," and argues the value of global citizenship.

Best of the Week
The Listener
Podcast on Elizabeth and Herman Melville featuring PhD student Adam Fales (English Language and Literature) has been selected as a "Best of the Week" by The Listener.

MoMA Magazine
Watch William Pope.L (Visual Arts) revisit and reflect upon the site of his iconic 1991 New York City crawl.

U.S.-China Forum, Exhibition to Explore Chinese Contemporary art
UChicago News
On February 6, the U.S.-China Forum will examine how countries intersect and overlap through art, featuring an exhibition co-curated by Wu Hung (Art History).

‘Theaster Gates: Assembly Hall’ at the Walker; ‘Intention’ at Circa Gallery
"Assembly Hall," an exhibition by Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) that looks to reclaim, collect, conserve and share what others have cast aside.

‘Real Women Have Curves’ & ‘Zoot Suit’ Added to National Film Registry
Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) discusses the importance of amplifying marginalized cinematic voices and stories to fully reflect American society.

A Novel About Coping with the Fallout of a Deadly Infection from China
A review of Severance, the 2018 novel by Ling Ma (English Language and Literature).

Culture Type Picks: 14 Best Black Art Books of 2019
Culture Type
Darby English (Art History) among list of Best Black Art Books of 2019 for Among Others: Blackness at MoMA.

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January 15, 2020