Media Mentions: December 2019

Media Mentions: December 2019

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"Reading "The Hundreds," After Theory"
LA Review of Books
The Hundreds, co-authored by Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature), has a lasting impact on the contemporary college classroom.

"Our Young Adult Editor Finds the Common Themes in the Best YA Books of 2019"
Kirkus Reviews
Someday We Will Fly, the YA novel by Rachel DeWoskin (English Language and Literature), highlights growth as a consequence of crossing boundaries—an emerging theme of 2019's best Young Adult literature.

"Essay on Plagiarism"
Inside Higher Education
Essay on plagiarism references work by Agnes Callard (Philosophy).

"Artist-Musician Theaster Gates on the Transformative Power of Art"
Time Magazine
Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) describes art's impact on both the local community and the world at large.

"Beatboxer Finds New Sound in Opera by Chicago Composer"
Augusta Read Thomas (Music) and beatboxer Nicole Paris discuss how they incorporate nontraditional sounds to create a new opera.

"Mellon Fellows: Patrick Jagoda and Sha Xin Wei"
Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
Patrick Jagoda (English Language and Literature) and media artist Sha Xin Wei talk about their year-long project exploring the possibilities and limits of play.

"See the 25 New Additions to the National Film Registry, from Purple Rain to Clerks"
Time Magazine
Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) chairs a task force for the National Film Registry aiming to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion among the films at the Library of Congress.

"Baby Yoda is What Capitalism Would Look Like if an Economic System Were Cute"
Washington Post
Lauren Michele Jackson (PhD'19) examines the power of "Baby Yoda" through research by Sianne Ngai (English Language and Literature) on aesthetics and capitalism.

"Theaster Gates’ Rebuild Foundation To Bring Ceramics, Yoga Studios To Grand Crossing"
Block Club Chicago
Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) and Rebuild Foundation plan to build seasonal artist and community spaces in Grand Crossing.

"Misty Copeland Called out a Russian Theater for Blackface. Some People are Defending the Theater"
CNN Style
Leah Feldman (Comparative Literature) discusses the history of blackface in theater in the former Soviet Union.

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December 11, 2019