Media Mentions: May 2019

Media Mentions: May 2019

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"Profs. Lauren Berlant and Karl Freed to Receive Norman Maclean Faculty Award"
UChicago News
Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature) has been honored for her extraordinary contributions to teaching and student life at UChicago.

"Electronic Musician's Offbeat Approach Melds Sound with Computer Science"
UChicago News
Sam Pluta (Music) invents his own kind of music using software instruments of his own design.

"Jonathan Lear and Roger Myerson Elected to American Philosophical Society"
UChicago News
Jonathan Lear (Philosophy) has been elected to the American Philosophical Society, the oldest learned society in the United States.

"2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults Nominees"
The Hub—Young Adult Library Services Association
Someday We Will Fly by Rachel DeWoskin (Creative Writing) has been nominated for the 2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults Award by YALSA.

"Complicating Things: Rachel DeWoskin Lightens Up with 'Banshee'"
Rachel DeWoskin (Creative Writing) discusses her newest novel, Banshee, a writer's responsibility, and how wonder functions as a guiding principle.

"Harvard's Honorary-Degree Recipients 2019"
Harvard Magazine
Wu Hung (Art History) has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Harvard.

"Can Philosophy Be Cool? A Hyde Park Debate Series Revives the Art of the Late-Night Dorm Rap Session"
Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Tribune profiles UChicago's "Night Owls" debate series, created by Agnes Callard (Philosophy).

"Acclaimed Art Historian Serves as the Exhibition Scholar for the US Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Art Biennale"
Division of the Humanities, UChicago News
Darby English (Art History) explores questions of representation as Exhibition Scholar for the US Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Art Biennale.

"Did Tiffany Trump Post a Fake Rumi Quote on Instagram? Jezebel Investigates"
Franklin Lewis (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) offers commentary on the sometimes dubious prevalence of Rumi quotes on the internet.

"City Pop: Why Does the Soundtrack to Tokyo's Tech Boom Still Resonate?"
Rolling Stone
Michael K. Bourdaghs (East Asian Languages and Civilizations) discusses the cultural resonances of City Pop and Japan's music scene.

"Chicago Secrets from a Top Concierge"
The University of Chicago's Oriental Institute and Theaster Gates's (Visual Arts) Rebuild Foundation both listed as must-see galleries in recent Forbes guide to Chicago.

"Students, Scholar Turn Shipping Container into Innovative Space for Ceramics"
UChicago News
Amber Ginsburg (Visual Arts) discusses KilnHouse, a collaborative project combining ceramics, architectural innovation, and educational instruction.

"How to Calm a Crying Baby Like a Mesopotamian"
Atlas Obscura
John Wee (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) offers context on an ancient Mesopotamian tablet describing how to quiet a crying baby with lullabies and other rituals.

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May 10, 2019