Media Mentions: December 2018

Media Mentions: December 2018

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"Ancient Urban Villa with Shrine for Ancestor Worship Discovered in Egypt"
UChicago News
Oriental Institute excavation at Tell Edfu co-led by Nadine Moeller (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) reveals early New Kingdom complex.

"Silent Film of Black Couple’s Kiss Discovered, Added to National Film Registry"
UChicago News
Allyson Nadia Field (Cinema and Media Studies) helps identify 1898 film as earliest depiction of affection between an African American couple. 

"Nomophobia, Incel, Toxic: The 2018 Words of the Year"
Chicago Tonight
Jason Riggle (Linguistics) breaks down 2018's most searched words. 

"President Trump's Tactics of Fear and Loathing Can Be Defeated: An Interview with Martha C. Nussbaum"
In interview, Martha C. Nussbaum (Philosophy) discusses public emotion and current politics.

"Electric Lit’s 20 Best Novels of 2018"
Electric Lit
Severance by Ling Ma (Creative Writing) listed among Electric Lit's 20 best novels of 2018.

"The Power of Image Making at ‘The Black Image Corporation’"
TL Magazine
Article highlights The Black Image Corporation, an exhibit curated by Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) using Johnson Publishing Company's archives to celebrate African American women.

"Martha Nussbaum: ‘There’s no tension in supporting #MeToo and defending legal sex work"
New Statesman
Martha C. Nussbaum (Philosophy) on sexual harassment, literature, and how she plans to spend her $1 million Berggruen Prize.

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