Media Mentions: November 2018

Media Mentions: November 2018

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"'Pope.L: The Escape' Reworks a Slavery Play as Performance Art and Dares You to Wonder What to Think About It"
Chicago Tribune
William Pope.L (Visual Arts) challenges audiences with his '"experimental restaging" of William Wells Brown’s 1858 drama The Escape.

"Prominent Harvard Law Professor Publishes New Book Condemning the Compromises at the Core of American Civic Life"
UChicago Division of the Humanities
Lawrence Lessig bases latest book on 2014 Berlin Family Lectures series.

"Bono, David Adjaye and Theaster Gates Discuss Their Red Auction"
Financial Times
Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) discusses his role in the Red Auction—a contemporary art sale that supports AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

"Digitizing the ‘New World’"
UChicago Library News
Romance Languages and Literatures PhD student José Estrada writes about his experience digitizing early modern maps of the Americas.

"Why Prince Charles Said 'God Don Butta My Bread!' In Nigeria"
Salikoko Mufwene (Linguistics) cited in article about Pidgin English.

"Divorced Professors Talk Trust, Modern Marriage at Philosophy Event"
UChicago Maroon
Agnes Callard and Ben Callard (Philosophy) speak about the institution of marriage and the "philosophy of divorce."

"A Yank at Eton"
UChicago Magazine
MAPH alum Miles Morgan (ABʼ17, AMʼ17) talks about teaching at one of England's most famous boarding schools.

"Episode 3: Experiments in Critical Practice"
Critical Inquiry Podcast
Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature) asks participants at the "Soup is On" conference about their engagement with theory and the power of writing.

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December 4, 2018