Media Mentions: September 2018

Media Mentions: September 2018

The latest media mentions, quotes, profiles, and writings from Division of the Humanities faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

"Augusta Read Thomas' Bold New Venture at the University of Chicago"
Chicago Tribune
Augusta Read Thomas (Music) champions an expansive new composition center at UChicago.

"Literary Awards Season Heats Up with $50,000 Kirkus Prize Finalists"
LA Times
Ling Ma (Creative Writing) has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Kirkus Prize.

"Cold Comfort"
Poetry Foundation
PhD student Emily Jungmin Yoon (East Asian Languages and Civilizations) evokes a dark chapter in history in debut poetry collection A Cruelty Special to Our Species.

"The Roots of Male Rage, on Show at the Kavanaugh Hearing"
The Washington Times
In op-ed, Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy) addresses "fear-driven male rage."

"Anatomy of Song"
UChicago Magazine
Signature course taught by Thomas Christensen (Music) explores the history, meaning, and techinical craft of the American musical.

"Art 50 2018: Chicago’s Artists’ Artists"
Newcity Art
Theaster Gates, Jessica Stockholder, and William Pope.L (Visual Arts) mentioned in list of Chicago's top artists.

"How Contempt Became a Genre"
The New Inquiry
Michael Dango (English Language and Literature) discusses Kevin Young’s Bunk and America’s seething tendencies.

"Talking Back"
UChicago Magazine
Reflections on the life and literature of Philip Roth (AM’55).

"Episode 647: Jessica Stockholder"
Bad at Sports Podcast
Jessica Stockholder (Visual Arts) addresses her process, materiality, language, and the essentialism of production to existence.

September 27, 2018