Media Mentions: August 2018

Media Mentions: August 2018

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"The Complicated Racial History of the American Skyscraper"
UChicago News
Adrienne Brown (English Language and Literature) examines the link between skyscrapers and post-Reconstruction racial anxiety in America.

"These 20 Female Artists Are Pushing Sculpture Forward"
Julia Phillips and Mariana Castillo-Deball (Visual Arts) listed among top artists "helping to define, question, and evolve" the future of sculpture.

"Without Exception: On the Ordinariness of Violence"
Los Angeles Review of Books
Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature) discusses the pervasive nature of violence. 

"In Satirical 'Severance,' A Stricken Country Works Itself to Death"
Ling Ma (Creative Writing) discusses her new novel Severance in Q&A.

"Emojis Bridged the Language Barrier Between Me and My Father"
Salikoko Mufwene (Linguistics) quoted in article defending emojis' ability to bridge languages gaps.

"In Praise of the Unshelveable: 10 Weird Finds from the Used Books Boxes"
Literary Hub
Augustus Rose (Creative Writing) talks about the book store "marginalia" that inspired his latest novel.

"Urban Soundscape"
UChicago Magazine
Founded more than a century ago and led today by Helen Eaton (AM'00), the Settlement Music School provides Philadelphia with free or low-cost music training.

"Art on theMart announces artists who will turn Merchandise Mart into huge, riverwalk-facing video wall"
Chicago Tribune
Jason Salavon (Visual Arts) joins the roster of artists featured in "Art on theMART" — a 2.5-acre projection onto downtown Chicago's Merchandise Mart.

"The Upside of Anger"
Listen to Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy) debate productive rage versus retribution in politics.

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August 30, 2018