Media Mentions: February 2018

Media Mentions: February 2018

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"Neubauer Collegium Faculty Projects Explore Themes Across Academic Fields"
UChicago News
Faculty in the Humanities explore interdisciplinary subjects as part of the Neubauer Collegium's 2018-19 cycle of collaborative research projects.

"Plagiarism Software Unveils a New Source for 11 of Shakespeare's Plays"
The New York Times
Professor Emeritus David Bevington examines source materials for some of Shakespeare's works.

"3-D image of Egyptian Queen 'Not Nefertiti', Local Professor Says"
Raymond Johnson (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) weighs in on the identity of recently discovered mummy believed to be Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

"#Fakenews and Free Speech in 1967"
UChicago Magazine
50 years ago, Wayne C. Booth (AM '47, PhD '50) gave an eerily prescient speech about the dangers of fake news.

"Will Boast Reimagines the Myth of Daphne and Apollo"
The Chicago Review of Books
In interview, Will Boast (Creative Writing) talks about his writing process and new novel Daphne.

"Farming in Ancient Mesopotamia"
News & Notes
Hervé Reculeau (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) discusses farming in Ancient Mesopotamia.

"How Ava DuVernay Became a Creator of Worlds"
Jacqueline Stewart (Cinema and Media Studies) reflects on black women's organizing and the work of director Ava DuVernay.

"All the World's a Stage for Young UChicago Playwrights"
UChicago News
Article highlights the benefits of Theater and Performance Studies Program (TAPS) at the University of Chicago.

"What do Meghan Markle and Chicago Woman Who Wrote 'Passing' Have in Common?"
Chicago Tribune
Adrienne Brown (English Language and Literature) discusses urbanity in the work of Harlem Renaissance novelist Nella Larsen.

"Answering Society's Thorniest Questions, With Performance Art"
New York Times
New York Times Style profiles the life and work of William Pope.L (Visual Arts).

"#39 In Search of French Lit: Alison James, Kit Schluter, & Adam Hocker"
Open Stacks
Alison James (Romance Languages and Literatures) talks about the Oulipo movement and her new book project.

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February 15, 2018