Media Mentions: November 2017

Media Mentions: November 2017

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"Glass Curtain takes on the brain, Logan Center visits notions of home"
The Chicago Tribune
 "Brown People Are the Wrens in the Parking Lot" a new exhibit by William Pope.L (Visual Arts) listed as a noteworthy show in the Chicago gallery scene.

"Cool Classics makes Chicago kids' lives better, a book at a time"
The Chicago Tribune
Mara Tapp (AM '77) makes "Chicago kids' lives better, a book at a time" with her Cool Classics! program.

"The White Internet’s Love Affair with Digital Blackface"
The New York Times
PhD student Lauren Jackson (English Language and Literature) discusses how structural racism “keeps encoding itself into new technologies” on Internetting with Amanda Hess.

"For 2nd Chicago Architecture Biennial, the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative Commissions Sculpture By Artist and Alumnus Dan Peterman"
UChicago Arts
Artist Dan Peterman (MFA '86) commissioned by the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative for a sculpture for the Second Chicago Architecture Biennial.

"New UChicago Course Examines Legacy of Nuclear Age"
Chicago Tonight
Special interdisciplinary course explores the complex history of the first Nuclear reaction.

"Book by Profs. Martha Nussbaum and Saul Levmore examines aging thoughtfully"
UChicago News
New book by professors Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy and Law) and Saul Levmore (Law) explores retirement, romance, wrinkles, and regret.

"‘Digital’ Is Not the Opposite of ‘Humanities’"
The Chronical of Higher Education
Hoyt Long (East Asian Languages and Civilizations) co-authors article examining the benefits of the digital in the humanities.

"Playing at Orientation: Interview with the Designers of “The Parasite” at University of Chicago"
The Chronicle of Higher Education
New students explore alternate reality in “The Parasite” designed by Patrick Jagoda (English, Cinema and Media Studies), Kristen Schilt (Sociology), and Heidi Coleman (Theater and Performance Studies). 

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November 29, 2017