Media Mentions: October 2017

Media Mentions: October 2017

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"Collations: Book Forum on Benjamin Morgan's The Outward Mind: Material Aesthetics in Victorian Science and Literature"
v21 Collective
The Outward Mind: Material Aesthetics in Victorian Science and Literature by Benjamin Morgan (English) discussed in the V21 Collective’s Collations Book Forum.

"Sex, Love and the Aging Woman"
The New York Times
In op-ed, Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy) discusses denigrating myths of sexuality and older women. 

"The Hidden History of Japan’s Folk-Rock Boom"
The New York Times
Michael Bourdaghs (East Asian Languages and Civilizations) discusses issues of identity in Japan's embrace of Western rock.

"How to live after death in ancient Egypt"
UChicago News
Book of the Dead exhibit curated by Foy Scalf (Oriental Institute) showcases ancient beliefs and rituals.

"OPEN STACKS | #23 God/Dog: Eileen Myles, Jennifer Scappettone & Peter O'Leary on the Sacred & Profane"
Open Stacks
Jennifer Scappettone (English) talks to Seminary Coop about her latest book The Republic of Exit 43: Outtakes & Scores from an Archaeology and Pop-Up Opera of the Corporate Dump.

"American Historical Association Announces 2017 Prize Winners"
AHA Today
Alain Bresson (Classics) named recipient of the James Henry Breasted Prize awarded by the American Historical association.

"Three Books to Read Over a Long Weekend"
The Readymade Thief by Gus Rose (Creative Writing) listed as one of three books to read over a long weekend.

“Three Ways Radiation Has Changed The Monkeys Of Fukushima"
Jeff McMahon (AM'02) on Fukushima radiation as part of UChicago’s commemoration of first nuclear chain reaction.

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October 31, 2017