Media Mentions: July 2017

Media Mentions: July 2017

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WBEZ “The Many Meanings of Patriotism” | 3 July
Eric Slauter (English Language and Literature) discusses the many meanings of patriotism.

The New Yorker “Can Poetry Change Your Life?” | 31 July
Louis Menand reviews of Equipment for Living: On Poetry and Pop Music, a new book by Michael Robbins (MAPH'04, PhD'11).

Politico “What Politicos are Reading this Summer” | 16 July
Martha Nussbaum (Philosophy) shares her summer reading recommendations.

The Times of India “Chola statesmanship was not dictated by political treatises” | 30 July
Whitney Cox (South Asian Languages and Civilizations) discusses his research on the Chola kingdom.

Huffington Post “Music I (Mostly) Hold Dear: The Music of Augusta Read Thomas” | 17 July
Review of new music by Augusta Read Thomas (Music).

Open Stacks Podcast “Public Figures, Public Lives” | 10 July
Bart Schultz (Philosophy) talks to the Seminary Co-op Bookstore about his new book The Happiness Philosophers. 

Chicago Tribune “Hundreds of new Vivian Maier prints donated to U. of C.” | 19 July
Joel Snyder (Art History) discusses the importance of Vivian Maier prints at UChicago.

Wired “By Facebook’s Logic, Who is Protected from Hate Speech?” | 1 July
Philosophy alum Matt Teichman (PhD'15) analyzes language and logic in Facebook hate speech.

UChicago Magazine “Career Counseling from the Businesslady” | 20 June
Staff member Courtney C.W. Guerra (AB'05) offers witty career advice in new book.

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August 2, 2017