Alison LaTendresse Honored with Marlene F. Richman Award

Alison LaTendresse Honored with Marlene F. Richman Award

Alison LaTendresse
Alison LaTendresse’s commitment to students has been recognized with the Marlene F. Richman Award for Excellence and Dedication in Service to Students. LaTendresse, Associate Director of Programs and Student Affairs in the Department of Visual Arts, was praised in her nominations for her ability to comfort and provide structured advice, claiming “she is the person all of the DoVA students know they can go to with any question, anytime.”

“I was incredibly honored to receive this award,” says LaTendresse, “especially because it came from the students. I feel so lucky to work with our amazing MFA students and art majors.”

LaTendresse also acknowledged her partnerships at UChicago. “I’m so appreciative of the help I receive from my colleagues in the Dean of Students office, the Registrar’s office, UChicagoGRAD, the Logan Center, and throughout the Humanities Division and the College. It’s truly wonderful to work with such a dedicated group of people to support our students.”

For the past 11 years, the Marlene F. Richman Award has honored the legacy of revered counselor and UChicago Resident Master Marlene F. Richman. The annual award is bestowed upon an individual who deserves recognition for their excellence and dedication to students. Previous awardees from the Division of the Humanities include Joyce Kuechler (Art History), Alicia Czaplewski (South Asian Languages and Civilizations), Kathy Holmes (Music), and Kathy Fox (Classics).

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August 17, 2016