Arts, Science, and Culture Fellows and Collaborators Stretch Academic Boundaries

Arts, Science, and Culture Fellows and Collaborators Stretch Academic Boundaries

Six humanities graduate students received grants and fellowships from the Arts, Science & Culture Initiative to support their interdisciplinary research for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Three of those students won graduate student collaboration grants to explore trans-disciplinary research in the arts, social sciences, and the sciences. The grantees include:  

Marcelle Pierson (Music) will work with Geoff Brookshire (Psychology) and Kyler Brown (Computational Neuroscience) on the project “Syntax and Songbirds” to create music informed and constrained by the biological and cognitive systems supporting birdsong.

Carl Fuldner (Art History) will collaborate with Shane DuBay (Evolutionary Biology) on “Photographing Evolution,” a project exploring and communicating the utility of time-series in contemporary scientific inquiry.

Zachary Manning (Middle Eastern Studies) will work with Romit Chakraborty (Chemistry), Anthony Schlimgen (Chemistry), and School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA student Neal Markowski on “Quantum Harmonics,” a project that will attempt to develop visual perception of the world of quantum mechanics.

In addition to graduate student collaboration grants, the Arts, Science, and Culture Initiative also named three humanities graduate students, Hannah Brooks-Motl (English), Andrew McManus (Music), and Richard Williamson (Visual Arts), as Fellows for the academic year. These fellowships recognize students for whom crossing disciplinary boundaries is essential to their research, writing, and artistic practice.

These fellows will meet monthly with three fellows selected from the sciences to discuss each other’s work and exchange methodological insights and tools from their respective fields.

Read more about the fellows, grantees, and projects here.

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January 20, 2015