Dipesh Chakrabarty Awarded 2014 Toynbee Prize

Dipesh Chakrabarty Awarded 2014 Toynbee Prize

Dipesh Chakrabarty, Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor of History and South Asian Languages and Civilizations, is the recipient of the 2014 Toynbee Prize.

The Toynbee Prize Foundation was chartered in 1987 “to contribute to the development of the social sciences” and the Toynbee Prize, awarded every other year, recognizes distinguished practitioners of global history.

"One of the most pleasing aspects of this award is that it recognizes the work I have done in raising certain critical questions about some of the foundational categories through which historians usually think about global history,” said Chakrabarty.

Chakrabarty will be formally awarded his prize at a session of the American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting in January 2015, where he will deliver his Toynbee Prize lecture entitled "From Globalization to Global Warming: A Historiographical Transition."

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October 22, 2014