2014–2015 Neubauer Collegium Projects Announced

2014–2015 Neubauer Collegium Projects Announced

Neubauer Collegium

The Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society announced its support for fifteen interdisciplinary projects in 2014-2015, ten of which feature Division of the Humanities faculty members. Composed of collaborative teams of scholars from across the University, these research projects will explore topics as diverse as art in public life to end-of-life care from medical and ethical perspectives. Each project supports the Neubauer Collegium’s mission to ask new questions and open new lines of inquiry across disciplinary boundaries. 

The seventeen Humanities faculty members are listed below with their department affiliation and project title. Visit the Neubauer Collegium and the University News site for more information on the 2014–2015 cohort of supported projects.

Art and Public Life

  • W.J.T. Mitchell (English Language and Literature)

Changing the Social and Rhetorical Foundations of Florentine Republicanism

  • Niall Atkinson (Art History)

Humanism, The Classics, and the Historical

  • Boris Maslov (Comparative Literature)
  • Rocco Rubini (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Infrastructures for the Comedic

  • Lauren Berlant (English Languages and Literatures)
  • Zachary Cahill (Visual Arts)
  • Catherine Sullivan (Visual Arts)

Knowing and Doing: Text and Labor in Asian Handiwork

  • Jacob Eyferth (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
  • Donald Harper (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)

Living Mortal Project

  • David Wray (Classics)

The Past for Sale

  • Lawrence Rothfield (English Language and Literature)
  • Fiona Greenland (Art History)

Subjectivity in Language and Thought

  • Christopher Kennedy (Linguistics)
  • Malte Willer (Philosophy)

Thinking Through Tropes

  • Michele Lowrie (Classics)

The Voice Project

  • Martha Feldman (Music)
  • Judith Zeitlin (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
February 10, 2014