PhD Student Teaching

PhD Student Teaching

Doctoral programs in the Humanities Division train students both as scholars and as teachers. The pedagogical training, mentoring, and teaching experience that students receive as part of their doctoral education is a vital component of their preparation for the wide array of teaching positions that they will encounter in academia.

A student’s teaching experience typically will be structured progressively, e.g. beginning with Writing Internships and Teaching Assistantships and leading to Graduate Student Lectureships.

The timing and nature of teaching opportunities may differ from program to program and will be informed by the requirements of each discipline and the student’s individual trajectory through their program. A Graduate Student Lectureship in the student’s discipline and/or in the College Core Curriculum serves as a capstone experience in years 5 and/or 6.

Each doctoral program has established a pedagogical training plan that is made available to students by their department.

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