Five UChicago Humanities Professors Receive Research Funding

Four of the UChicago Humanities Division Faculty Who Received Research Funding

The Division of Humanities at the University of Chicago announced that five professors will receive research funding of $32,000 each on July 1, 2018, to advance their work in specific humanities field. Covering a broad range of interests and Humanities departments, the five professors are Orit Bashkin in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; Alain Bresson in Classical Language and Literatures; Laura Letinsky in Visual Arts; Larry F. Norman in Romance Languages and Literatures; and Eric L. Santner in Germanic Studies.

The Humanities Division recognizes these faculty members for years of scholarly productivity in their specialty, and dedicated and outstanding teaching and service to their department, the Division of Humanities and the University of Chicago. “All of these colleagues have advanced the scholarship in their field both at home and abroad,” says Anne Walters Robertson, Dean of the Division of Humanities. “This generous funding will allow them greater flexibility as they carry out the work related to their research, for example, travel, costs of publication, research assistance, lecturers or post-doctoral scholars, and attending conferences.”

During the next three years, the five professors have discretion to determine how they will allocate the funds to support their work. The funds have been provided through the generosity of the Humanities Council.

Orit Bashkin Ascends to a Leadership Role in Her Field
Immersed in writing about how Dreyfus Affair in France affected the Arab world in the Middle East, Orit Bashkin’s offbeat topic makes fundraising more challenging. So the UChicago Humanities professor was overwhelmed to receive $32,000 to support her ongoing scholarship efforts during the next three years.

“Having these funds to use at my discretion gives me a leadership role in my field,” says Bashkin, professor of modern Middle Eastern history in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department in the Division of Humanities at UChicago. “I can advance my research faster, help to promote junior scholars, and raise the profile of my scholarly work.”