Media Mentions February 2021

Media Mentions February 2021

The latest media mentions, quotes, profiles, and writings from Division of the Humanities faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

"New Concert Series Weaves Together Music, Architecture for Online Audiences"
UChicago News
UChicago Presents and Department of Music's SOUND/SITES concerts make use of iconic campus spaces. 

"Amid Pandemic, UChicago Scholar Launches Program for International Artists"
UChicago News
Ghenwa Hayek (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) expands Gray Center's global reach with FarBar—an online program to support artists from across the globe. 

"With Art Hubs and Performances, Theaster Gates Is Redefining Chicago’s South Side"
Condé Nast Traveler 
Feature highlights Theaster Gates (Visual Arts) and Rebuild Foundation's work on Chicago's South Side. 

"Have You Seen These 51 Women?"
Chicago Reader
Ben Austen (Creative Writing) examines race, policing, and the unsolved murders of 51 women in Chicago. 

"Jennifer Iverson: TR–808: Race, Groove, and Drum Machines"
UChicago Department of Music
Jennifer Iverson (Music) discusses drum machines and race in an adapted exerpt from upcoming book Porous Instruments: Circulation and Exchange in Electronic Sound.

"The Other Woman"
The Point Magazine
Agnes Callard (Philosophy) writes about infidelity, lust, and jealousy. 

"House Hunters: Babylon, 1300 BCE | UChicago Humanities Dean's Salon with Susanne Paulus"
UChicago Youtube
Watch Susanne Paulus (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) discuss house hunting in 1300 BCE and the broader social and economic landscape of ancient Babylonian civilization.

"Drawn From Music: Art Exhibition Opens Window Into Composers’ Creative Process"
UChicago News
MAPS OF FORM, a new exhibition at the University of Chicago’s Logan Center for the Arts, presents a collection of musical illustrations drawn by UChicago faculty and graduate composition students.

"Art Historian Darby English on Why the New Black Renaissance Might Actually Represent a Step Backwards"
ArtNet News
In Q&A, Darby English (Art History) reflects on how art has changed over the past several decades, and why generalizations of Black art are so problematic.

"Humanities Scholar Receives Prestigious Donnelley Fellowship to Cambridge College"
UChicago Humanities News
Sam Lasman (PhD’20) has received the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Research Fellowship from the University of Chicago and Cambridge’s Corpus Christi College to pursue medieval literature and languages.

"Prominent Alumnus Inspires New UChicago Humanities Endowment in Islamic Studies"
UChicago Humanities News
The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations has received a $100,000 endowment for Islamic Studies in honor of distinguished scholar Jonathan A. C. Brown (PhD’07).

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February 22, 2021