Anne Walters Robertson
Anne Walters Robertson
Interim Dean
Anne Walters Robertson is the interim chief academic and operating officer for the Division of the Humanities. She is responsible for recruiting and retaining an exceptional faculty, advancing graduate programs and undergraduate concentrations in the humanities, and securing the budgetary and administrative infrastructure necessary to support humanistic research at UChicago. Robertson is the Claire Dux Swift Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Music and the College.

Deputy Deans

Jason Merchant
Michèle Lowrie
Deputy Dean
Michèle Lowrie leads programmatic initiatives relating to the Division of the Humanities. Lowrie is Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Department of Classics
Christopher Wild
Deputy Dean and Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division
Christopher Wild is Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division, one of five divisions in the College. He serves as the representative for the Division of the Humanities within the College with a particular responsibility for the humanities components of the Core. Wild is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Studies.

Associate Deans

Matthew Hess

Matthew Hess
Associate Dean for Planning and Administration




Matthew Hess leads strategic initiatives and oversees facilities, academic affairs, external relations, and financial and grant services for the Division of the Humanities


Nora Hennessy
Nora Hennessy
Associate Dean and Director of Development

Nora Hennessy works with the University’s Alumni Relations and Development office and the Visiting Committee to the Division of the Humanities to secure funding for key priorities within the Division. 
Martina Munsters
Martina Munsters
Associate Dean and Dean of Students
Martina Munsters manages all matters related to graduate student affairs for the Division. Her duties include all aspects of registration, academic records, and student data administration. She monitors departmental admissions decisions, approves department financial aid recommendations, and generates research to determine enrollment projections and admissions trends.