Interdisciplinary Center

University of Chicago Language Center

In response to a 2004 faculty committee report on language teaching and learning, the College and the Division of the Humanities took the initiative to create a University-wide center for the study of languages. The new language center will consolidate and significantly enhance the support for language learning across an array of academic disciplines, especially in the language, linguistics, literature, and civilization programs of the Division of Humanities and the growing number of Title VI area studies centers.

University of Chicago Center in Paris

Historically the University of Chicago has had strong ties to European thought and culture. With the advent of the European Union and the reconsideration in the twenty-first century of what defines "Europe," it is an auspicious time to open the Chicago Center in Paris. The facility provides for undergraduate teaching in the core and languages, advanced research, conferences and colloquia, and alumni gatherings.

Katz Center for Mexican Studies

Few other universities in the United States have forged as strong and useful an intellectual link with Mexico as has the University of Chicago. Named in 2004 for professor emeritus Friedrich Katz, perhaps the most distinguished historian of modern Mexico in the United States, the center is home to scholars of Mexico's government, economic and environmental issues, as well as its history, emigration, and relationships with the United States.