Humanities Division Staff Community

Humanities Division Staff Community

Engaging, dynamic staff members in the Humanities Division provide the infrastructure to support its faculty and students, as well as ensuring institutional success. Staff contributions and input are key to maintaining the Division's reputation as an educational and research leader. Division staff work in a collaborative environment, where staff members share best practices and encourage employee engagement, as well as professional development. Use the links below to explore resources and information available to our staff community. 

Humanities Division HR and People Operations Team

Humanities HR and People Operations Team Mission, Vision, and Values


Provide expert consultation, services, and solutions that attract, develop, support, and retain a diverse workforce, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration, high-performance, organizational effectiveness, wellbeing, and professional growth.  


Through strategic HR and people-centric practices, cultivate an inclusive culture where every individual feels valued and empowered to perform their best and achieve their full potential. 


These values serve as our guiding principles to effectively manage and support the division's most valuable asset: its people. 

Accountability: taking responsibility for decisions and actions and holding ourselves and others accountable for performance and behavior. 

Adaptability: being flexible and responsive to changes and proactively adjusting strategies and practices accordingly. 

Advocacy: representing the division and promoting the best interests of our employees to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to succeed.  

Collaboration: working closely with departments and teams to create a positive work environment, foster teamwork, and achieve organizational objectives. 

Continuous Improvement and Innovation: committing to ongoing learning, development, and adaptation to stay updated on best practices and enhance processes to better serve employees and the division; embracing creativity and forward-thinking approaches to HR and People Ops processes. 

Diversity and Inclusion: promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the division by actively seeking to create an environment where all individuals feel valued and included. 

Integrity: upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all HR and People Ops practices.  

Respect: treating one another with dignity and fairness. 

Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion