Renowned UChicago Linguist Chris Kennedy to Deliver Keynote Address at 2018 Humanities Day

Chris Kennedy, 2018 Humanities Day Keynote Presenter

Chris Kennedy will present the keynote address on October 20 at the 2018 Humanities Day on the UChicago campus. He is the William H. Colvin Professor of Linguistics and Chair in the Department of Linguistics. In his keynote presentation, Kennedy explores the meaning of truth and the role it plays in thought and communications. He also examines why people should care about truth. In this edited question and answer, Kennedy discusses how meanings and context in language and the sincerity and trust it engenders can influence truth. Here's a podcast of Chris Kennedy discussing "Truth."

Two UChicago Professors Discuss Using Alternate Reality Gaming for New Student Orientation at the 2018 Humanities Day

UChicago students enhance their campus orientation through an ARG program.

UChicago professors Patrick Jagoda and Kristen Schilt will present the session “Transforming First-Year Orientation Through Alternate Reality Gaming” at the 2018 Humanities Day, Oct. 20, on the UChicago campus. The two professors helped to design an Alternate Reality Game “the parasite” for new student orientation. ARGs use transmedia storytelling, online and offline gameplay, and social interactions to create dynamic platforms of play, which include both designers and players. A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education explains more about how ARGs work to enhance the experience for students.

World-Famous Musical Composer Augusta Read Thomas to Discuss Composing an Opera at the 2018 Humanities Day

Augusta Read Thomas by Anthony Barlich

UChicago University Professor Augusta Read Thomas will present the session “An Opera in the Making” at the 2018 Humanities Day, Oct. 20, on the UChicago campus. Her presentation will give a glimpse into the creative process of a world-class composer. A recent Big Brains podcast with Thomas also discusses the state of classical music today, and how she helps train the next generation of composer

Prominent Performance Artist Pope.L to Co-Present Session at the 2018 Humanities Day

William Pope.L

William Pope.L and Amber Ginsberg will co-present the session “Poetics in a Time of Climate Collapse and Human Rights Abuses” at the 2018 Humanities Day, Oct. 20, on the UChicago campus. Pope.L’s artistic work is a theatrical provocation that combines scathing satire with heartfelt activism. A recent article about the UChicago professor in the New York​ Times gives more context and examples of his work.


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